Friends of the Cockers – We need homes too!

IMG_7203Wait until you see the treasures we found in Bakersfield, CA! Oh my, their Chi!! Chihuahua’s that is. mixed with Chinese Crested (check out Robin) and mystery mixes they are all wonderful. If you are the person who thinks of a yappy, nippy Chi then we challenge you to find one bad apple in our bunch. They are silly, funny, sweet, loving, cuddly and just about perfect. Nope, sorry they are perfect!

We rescued 15 Chi mixes this week from the hoarding cases in Bakersfield, CA.  They had no Cocker Spaniels but we could not stand there when hundreds of dogs needed help! We had no idea what we were going to get but wow, we LOVE them! We need help with fosters and adopters to give these little gems the best furever homes! Who are the best adoption families? Cocker owners, of course! So please consider fostering. Take two, they are small, young and cuter than cute! If you don’t love them as much as we do, we will find them another home in a heartbeat.
If you can’t foster or adopt can you donate? These little jewels cost money too:)
Thank you! Love all of us at SCCR!

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