Sweet Babies Need our Help!

In the last month, we had had to deal with 3 different cases involving several img_7086hundred dogs. Our shelters are filled to the max, and Second Chance Cocker Rescue has decided that while rescuing Cocker Spaniels in need is our mission, at the same time we need to answer the call to save these sweet puppies, and other dogs, and allow them to make room for challenges that I cannot even begin to describe. As I walked through the facility today, I felt my heart breaking at the look of sheer terror on their beautiful faces. The amazing staff is working with rescues to save as many as possible. Many lack socialization, and a few mommy’s have litters. I know it seems like a daunting task. We can only do this with your help! First, we will need foster families to step up and open your homes. I know many of you are waiting for a Cocker Spaniel of your very own, but I am hoping that perhaps you would agree to foster while we are looking for your forever Cocker Spaniel love! Second, we will need help financially to move them out of the shelter and into foster homes. Third, we will need people to transport to the foster homes. I know that we are all able to lend a hand in some way. We all are gifted in different ways, and together we can do anything! Please consider joining with us to rescue as many as possible! Today, I wanted to send out the call for help! I also realized that we can be that help! Please contact Elizabeth directly at ‭(805) 687-4674‬ to join with us! Time is running out! Thank you!

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