Laverne and Shirley

Laverne Before
Laverne Before

We pulled two sweet girls from Moreno Valley shelter a couple of weeks ago. They had the sniffles but we were not worried. We took them to the vet and put them on antibiotic but it just seemed to get worse not better. Back to the vet they went. Our vet was treating five dogs from the same shelter that were all really, really sick.

Shirley Before
Shirley Before

After several days on IV antibiotics and fluids they finally started to come around. There is a nasty virus out there and we are glad our girls are better. They still need to be spayed but they will be ready for adoption soon. Thank you Carolyn and Dr Card for pulling our girls through this.

Donations for Laverne and Shirley’s medical costs

2 Comments on “Laverne and Shirley

  1. Thank you, for all you do or these dogs. You are amazing. We adopted Annabelle from you in November and she is the best thing to happen to our family. we donate to SCCR as often as we can. Keep up the love and care you give to these dogs. Also your fosters are the best. I loved working with Debbie. Nancy Ritchie

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