Benny is a sweet, mellow boy who we never saw get into a lick of trouble. We needed to board him up north for a couple of days while he was waiting for his neuter date. We had gotten great reviews about this kennel and we had used them several times in the past so we didn’t expect any trouble at all.

Well, surprise, twenty minutes after he was dropped off we got an urgent call. Benny had decided to go over several fences to get to two pit bulls. We can only assume one was in heat. He made it over two four foot fences but got hung up in the wires of the six foot cyclone fence impaled by the wires and a foot caught and twisted in the holes. He was bleeding from punctures all over. It wasn’t clear if the fence did all the damage or the dogs in the kennel didn’t like what he had done and gone after him. Our transporter came right back and picked him up. He reported in that while still bleeding, Benny could make it to Dr Cards, our vet. We called ahead and had her waiting. By the time he got their he was going into shock and he needed her team to get him stable. She decided he needed rest and fluids before surgery.

She was the most worried about the wire that punctured deep into his armpit. There is a big ganglia of nerves in there that, if damaged, would cause him to lose that leg. Thankfully he missed them by a sliver of an inch. His swollen paw was not broken either. What a lucky boy!!

He got his drains out yesterday and will go home with his new mom on Sat. She is driving all the way from Wilsonville, OR to Jamestown CA to get him. Yep he is that special.

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