Natalie’s Head Is Still Ringing

Donations will go towards Natalie’s medical costs

Natalie is a 9 lb spaniel mystery mix. When we pulled her from the shelter she had been hit by a car. She had a traumatic head injury and had an injury to her lower jaw. When we picked her up she could not stand or focus her eyes. By the next day she was eating, pooping and standing with help. She saw Dr Card again yesterday for an update…

She is making progress. Pupils are reactive, but sluggish so we are not there yet. She is walking pretty steadily now, but still has moments of tip-over. She is eating well which is good because she is absolutely bone thin. Her lip looks like it is healing well after being ripped off her jaw, but it appears we have a couple damaged teeth. We will get those and assess the lip better when she is spayed. She cannot be spayed for at least another 3 weeks. Anesthesia could be dangerous until she is totally back to “normal” and her pupils are no longer sluggish We will monitor for 3 weeks then reassess her.

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