Giving Tuesday NOW

Giving Tuesday NOW

In this crazy, strange, and difficult time, we are called to come together and hold each other up. Just like every rescue, we find ourselves in dire need of our friends’ help and support. On this Giving Tuesday NOW, we have four wonderful dogs who desperately need your help!

Jackson, Halbert, and Yogi

Our handsome trio is just chilling at our wonderful boarding facility while they wait for their forever home.

Jackson, Halbert, and Yogi are all in need for dentals in the near future. They are all older boys, so we can probably expect some extractions for them. Jackson also has a wart above his eye that will be removed when he’s under anesthesia.

We are looking about $2000 in vet bills for all 3 boys. On this #GivingTuesdayNOW, we are asking for your help in getting these boys their dentals.


Our sweet Bodhi boy is happily enjoying life in his foster home. He does have a few medical procedures coming up before he will be ready to go to his forever home.

Bodhi will be undergoing oral surgery very soon to clean out the infection in his mouth and to remove 3 dead teeth. This is a pretty big procedure and we are looking at a $1300 vet bill for all of it.

On this #GivingTuesdayNOW, we are asking for your help in getting Bodhi the quality medical care he needs and deserves. We are dedicated to providing the best care for our dogs and we can’t do that without your support. Every dollar makes a difference in helping us reach our $1300 goal.

If you’d like to donate to Jackson, Halbert, Yogi, and Bodhi’s medical care, here’s how you can help:
You can PayPal us.

Send a check to
SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383

We also take Venmo
(805 687 4674 or

Thank you so much to our SCCR Friends for your unending support!!! We love and appreciate you!!!

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