Arlo’s Sanctuary Update

Arlo, Chaz, our beautiful sanctuary

We have made a huge amount of progress on the Sanctuary. The kennels are built and the floors are tiled. We are painting the outsides now around the rainy days. Insulating and dry walling the kennels is on the list to do. We have the permit and plans for the parking lot. As soon as the county approves the drawings, we can start work on that. The next big project is getting the electricity down to the kennels. We are looking into adding the Solar power in now instead of waiting since the propane and electric bills are so high. It will pay for is self very quickly.

We have decided that a small herd of goats is the best way to maintain the grass and brush growth on the property. We have been promised one youngster, Chaz, as soon as he is old enough and have our eye on a couple more if we can talk their mom into letting them go. We will build a permanent goat and chicken area for them to live in. It is close to the dog kennels and you can come and see them when you come to visit. Maybe we will have some extra chicken eggs for you to take home.We will also be moving in several feral cats to live in the barn very soon as our rodent patrol. We want them settled in and working before the dogs get here. Some of these cats are more feral than others so you might get to sit in the rocking chair on the with a cat in your lap while you relax and take in the property. It is our favorite lunch spot.

We can’t wait until we can start welcoming dogs and visitors to our beautiful sanctuary. We still have so much to do and every donation is greatly appreciated. We are so grateful to all of our donors who have helped us make this dream a reality!! Thank you so much!

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