New SCCR Shirts Are Here

Check out these awesome new shirts that were designed for us!!
$5 from each shirt or sweatshirt sold will go directly to Second Chance Cocker Rescue!!

Get yours today!!

2 Comments on “New SCCR Shirts Are Here

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Are there any more t shirts or Hoodies left? I had my order on the computer and then had to leave it in my cart. Are you still selling them on Amazon?
    My little Lady will be 12 years on November 15. We have had her now for 7 years. She is the sweetest little girl! She is a cuddly little love. I am sad to tell you that she seems to have lost her hearing, or at least most of it. We just continue to love her, pet her, walk her and make sure that we are in her line of vision. I really don’t recall one of my life long cocker spaniels losing hearing at this age I’don’t think that it is related to any medications she is taking. I am grateful for the love that she has brought to our lives, and we to hers.

    Thank you so much,
    Susan Keens

    • Amazon has stopped the sale of our shirts until this mess is over. Until then we will be setting up a t-shirt/hoodie sale on our facebook page. Love and kisses to Lady!

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