A Shining Spirit

Portia is approximately 9 years old. It’s very clear that she has been used as a breeding dog for most of her life. Portia has a 4/6 heart murmur, corneal scars with cataracts in both eyes, several mammary tumors, crusty skin, alopecia, ear infections, and more. This little girl was sitting in the medical ward at the Downey shelter just waiting for her last day! With the help of @hitlivingfoundation, we were able to offer Portia a second chance at the life she deserves!

Despite everything she has been through, Portia has a shining spirit and a sweetness that will melt your heart! Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging since she left the shelter. Portia is great with other dogs and people. She has not been tested with cats or kids yet.

Portia will be undergoing a full medical work up before she will be available for adoption. Portia will have a long and expensive road ahead of her and we are in desperate need of your support! Please click on the button on this post to donate to Portia’s medical care! Every amount is appreciated!


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