Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

What’s your holiday mood? Feeling like Santa or The Grinch?!

Little Jin is celebrating his very first Christmas this year!!! What a lucky puppy to have a loving forever home in a brand new country for the holidays!!! We wish every dog could have it so good!!!

If you have been thinking about adding a pup to your family, please check out all of our wonderful dogs that are in need of forever homes!!! You could give one of them a new life for the new year!!!

We also want to take a moment to wish all of our volunteers and supporters a very Happy Holidays!!! We look forward to all of the good we will accomplish in the new year!!! Our sanctuary is moving along, we are rescuing more dogs from the Asian dog meat trade, and saving more lives every day from our local shelters! Your continued generosity makes all of this possible!!! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!!!!!

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