From Kicks to Cuddles

Winston was rescued recently from a terrible situation that no dogs deserves!

His rescuer knew him when he had a loving family and a great home. Then three years ago he moved in with an Ex boyfriend and his life turned into a nightmare. When she found him he was covered with filth, matted all over, nails growing into his pads, ear infections, cherry eye and bad teeth. The little girl at the house came over and kicked Winston. When she was reprimanded by our rescuer she said with a shrug, Daddy does it all the time.

Our rescuer didn’t waste a second. She and Winston marched out of the house and she called us.

We made Winston appointments for a grooming and vet visit to see what else we can expect. He will need a dental, cherry eye surgery and treating those ears at the very least. Please help donate for his medical costs. For all he has been through he is remarkably sweet and trusting. He is a bit reserved now but he just needs a good home and lots of TLC.

Winston is 11 years old and great with cats, kids ( believe it or not) and other dogs. He is currently in foster in Sonora, CA and eligible for our Sanctuary program.

If you would like to give Winston a loving home, please fill out our adoption application.

4 Comments on “From Kicks to Cuddles

  1. Hi , my heart breaks for Mr. Winston . I am trying to donate using my visa card please help

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