Another doggy 911 call and it’s SCCR to the rescue! We’ve got you now, Benjamin!

0We got a call that a precious Cocker baby was hit by a car , and needed care right away. We took him to our local vet where he got an injection to treat the immediate pain he was in so he’d be calm enough to examine. His one hip is badly broken and we did send him this morning to So-Cal for a specialist to do major surgery. They will continue medication for his pain and keep him comfortable until he can be examined by the specialist! He will be having more X-rays and blood work done. He also needs to be neutered, microchipped, and get all of his shots. We also had to pay for his transport to the specialist! The bill for today was 400.00, and the surgery he needs will be about $ 4000.00 (or more)! He may need to get the leg amputated unfortunately, because the break is very high on the leg. That’s why he needed a specialist! Please, please consider helping this darling boy! He is very sweet and deserves the best care we can provide for him! He was licking our faces as he was being examined. Benjamin is great with other dogs and would be a treasure for any family lucky enough to adopt him. Benjamin is a little underweight and will need some help with his diet and healthy weight gain. Most importantly, Benjamin needs a foster home ASAP where he can heal and recover from his ordeal. 

Any donation to his medical care is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to adopt or foster Benjamin, please fill out an application:

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