Raining Dogs in Need

51253907_3043857225639930_496050971588165632_nIt’s been a rainy week in California, not just from the sky but from Cockers in need. We learned about a sweet girl at the Oakland, CA shelter and rushed to her rescue.

The shelter informed us she was found abandoned in a crate and left in a parking lot by a landscaping crew who brought her to the shelter. One of our volunteers picked her up and found her very thin, possibly malnourished. We named her Rowena.

Rowena spent the afternoon at our Vet, Dr. Tavano at Walker Veterinary Hospital. She has a dislocated hip needing surgery, a mammary tumor that needs to be removed. No apparent signs of cancer from the x-rays. One eye appears to have glaucoma and possibly the other. She may be blind. Will confirm next week. Bloodwork shows she is anemic. She has infected ears being treated and hearing impairment, but the vet is hoping that she will get some hearing back. She is also in heat and will need to be spayed. Her teeth also 51246669_3043857272306592_1138931821166198784_n.jpg
need cleaning. In the meantime, she is being treated for pain in her ears and eyes. We are waiting for results from an additional blood evaluation to determine if there is anything else. We will proceed with surgery in two weeks when she is a little stronger. To take on dogs like Rowena, we need our supporters. Her bills will be high, but she is worth it. She is a very sweet girl and despite her condition she greets people with a sunny disposition and wagging tail. Rowena deserves a happy life and a loving home. She knows the clouds are clearing and a warm, cozy bed is in her near future.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this sweet baby, please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com and fill out an application by clicking here. Thank you so much for your support!

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