Lady Sarah: Special Needs for a Special Dog

47368694_2907784702580517_9029009300533542912_nMy name is Sarah, but my new friends at Second Chance Cocker Rescue call me Lady Sarah now. I am a gentle, sweet girl about 12 years of age. Everyone loves me, but I am not used to such “royal treatment”, not from humans anyway. I met my new vet and had a physical , including multiple biopsies. She did a biopsy of the mass on my chest and the results from those tests were not the best of news. It is cancer, and it may be fairly advanced I heard. My vet is going to fix my ear and treat my eyes, and while I am under anesthesia she will explore just how far the cancer has metastasized. I will be boarded at my vets office during my procedures. I am asking for a home of my own, where I can live out the rest of my life in peace. How ever long that may be? Maybe someone can do a bucket list with me? I am well behaved and very polite. I am an easy girl to live with, and I am very open to snuggling on the couch47573661_2912288372130150_2536009473382678528_n together. Please consider making the last part of my life something special?
Lady Sarah

We are asking for help to treat this gentle girl’s medical issues! Every dollar helps! We have had many pledges to help before her rescue, but only one person has followed through on those pledges at this time. Please contact Elizabeth directly to honor those pledges for Sarah’s Rescue. If you’d like to give Lady Sarah a loving foster or sanctuary home, please SCCR directly at (805) 687-4674.
Please fill out an application here.

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