Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever!

unnamedOn May 8th,  I spoke with the owner of Max, Oliver, (age 9: siblings) and Zoe (age 11; mom) for the very first time. Chris shared that he was losing his home and needed to move out by the 15th of May. He was distraught and was agonizing about finding the 3 pups a home together. Not many landlords will rent to someone with 3 dogs. I agreed to help him and we decided that we would try to rehome all 3 together, but we both recognized that it was a slim chance to re-home all 3 to the same Adopter. They were posted for adoption that day, and the search for a new home began.
On May 11th, Chris called and asked if they could come to my home that evening. I had been on the phone screening applicants for about 7 hours. I had just received an application from a woman in Washington that wanted to adopt all 3 together! Most of the img_7437other applicants wanted the mom Zoe, or the two brothers. I shared that information with the owner and he offered to pay for transport all the way to the adopters home! He also purchased dog food and sent some money to pay for their rabies vaccine update that was due soon! I contacted a volunteer with our rescue, and Janice agreed to take the pups to the the new owner over the weekend!

On Mother’s Day, Zoe, Max, and Oliver arrived at their new home in a small town near Seattle. It was love at first sight! Our Mother’s Day Mission was complete!
There are times in our lives when people are forced to choose to put their pets welfare above their own! Chris made a difficult decision. He made the right decision. He sacrificed what he wanted to do, and instead chose what was best for his pup-kids.

img_7438Former owner, Chris: Debra, this whole thing turned out to be such a wonderful thing. I am confident that Max, Oliver and Zoe, will shower their new family with a massive amount of love. I am so happy for all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and thank the family in Washington for such love.

Lewis Family (adopting family):
Tell him (Chris) we will take the best care of them, and that they have brought needed joy to this house that has had too much death and sadness in this past year.

This is an example of the stories we hear every day. People wanting the best for their unnamed-1pets, and at times being forced to make a hard choice. All 3 dogs are together, and have a loving home. They will be loved and cared for the rest of their lives! We could not do what we do without the love and support of our volunteers, our donors, and our foster homes!

2 Comments on “Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. It is a great Reminder of the love and humanity that exists in the world. God bless them all

  2. Very beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it. We need more joy and love in the world. Cockers are love!

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