SCCR is in Need of Foster Families

14138133_1517621294930205_6001163068161875436_oI have said yes over and over again this summer. Now we have to pay the piper. We have 22 Dogs in boarding waiting for foster homes or adopters. We need your help! The money we are paying for boarding should be going to rescue more dogs. If you could take just one foster that will help us get our numbers down. Ask your friends, your family, your husband…do you have room for just one more?

Oscar and Crystal, Skippy, Sandy, Willie, Asher, Skipper, Ivy, Daisy, Amos, Coco, Mason, Fiona, Marley, Otis, Dottie, Scooter, Chester, Copper, Robbie, Tommy Boy and Helen.

8/31 Update: Helen and Skippy going to foster homes on Thurs…..2 down 20 to go!
Then 3 to 4 more going next weekend. Yeah, thank you all so much!

9/1 update. ..Tommy Boy going to a foster on Friday.Yahoo!

If you can’t foster, please consider a donation to help with caring for our fur babies until they find their forever homes. Thank you!


4 Comments on “SCCR is in Need of Foster Families

  1. I’m in Boise Idaho. I would be willing to foster if that’s acceptable? I have a 10 yr old MN cocker who is absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Do you allow visitors? What is your address? Can we call you directly?
    Thank you
    Mary Sue Reynolds

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