Cecil, Still A Mystery

CecilWe got Cecil in a month ago when he was just under 8 weeks. The person who bought him was told he was a maltese/yorkie mix. All we saw was a tiny 2 1/2 lb pathetic boy with no hair. He had mange and boy was he sad looking.

Cecil at 11 wks (2)4 weeks later, after medicated baths, antibiotics, flea control, wormings and treatments for giardia he was starting to feel much better but still didn’t have much hair. And we still could not tell exactly what mix he was but we were sure he wasn’t a cocker!

Cecil at 12 weeksNow at 12 weeks and over 6 lbs, his hair is coming in. You can see white paws and a white blaze on his head but we are still stumped as to what he is. Any ideas? He is feeling 100% and has turned into a healthy, happy puppy. Getting into everything and teasing the other foster dogs he is ready to go home. He will always be tiny, we are guessing anywhere from 9-15 lbs but we don’t have a clue what he will look like when all his  hair finishes growing out. Anyone interested in a sweet, loving boy with a bit of mystery in his past?

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