Badger and Pebbles

skin (2)

Badger and Pebbles have been battling allergies their entire lives and losing. Their family had spent thousands of dollars and got no where. These two sweet seniors had no where left to turn until their family found us. We specialize in allergies. We have had plenty of practice!


We agreed to take them in as soon as we found a foster home for them so we could start them on a proper diet and find them a vet who understands cocker allergies. The only catch is, they were in Portland OR. We posted for a foster on facebook and heard from Bonnie a fellow rescuer who had an open foster we could use, in Canada! Oh well, what the heck, she offered to drive them up and the foster came well recommended.

We will post updated on their progress. It will take a few months before we will start to see some fur growing back and normal skin but we will get there.

Donations towards Badger and Pebbles medical expenses

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