Gracie Hope’s Three Christmas Angels

IMG951886Sitting in the Hesperia Animal Shelter, eight years old and with health problems, little Gracie Hope didn’t have much hope. The holidays were here and her family was home celebrating while she sat in the cold shelter kennel where they had left her.

We were contacted to see if we could help but the timing was bad. We had two other girls due in with severe health problems and no open foster homes.  However, two of our volunteers and a woman up north really wanted to make Gracie Hope’s rescue possible so they did. Marcia promised to pay for all her medical bills (over $850) and give her a fabulous forever home if we would rescue this little soul. Debbie offered to foster her until she was recovered from any surgery she would need and Carolyn helped with transportation and pulling her.

IMG953833Gracie Hope came to us matted and stinky. She had abscessed teeth, large mammary tumors and needed to be spayed. This girl has had a very hard life. We couldn’t wait to get her healthy and into a new home where she would be showered with all the love this little princess could soak in.

After a short recovery and a great stay with Debbie and all her cocker foster sisters Gracie Hope- left yesterday to meet her third Christmas Angel and new forever mom, Marcia just in time to spend Christmas in her new home.

Be a Christmas Angel 

An update on Gracie’s Hope:

Dear Carolyn,

Merry Christmas to you too! …Gracie is everything you said she was. I have ..held her for three days straight in my arms like she was a new born baby and stroked her head and back. She has decided …I am the cat’s meow. In fact, she has not wanted to leave my sight

…That girl can run. and she has a beautiful stride. She is like a show dog when she stands in a certain stretched out position.

She is a honey. I see she is more and more comfortable so her princess attitude is now coming to the fore. She doesn’t do windows. She dines at 7 and won’t associate with any bad riff raff. I swear it is a Cocker trait. I have not explained to her she does not reside in the Lafayette neighborhood but only with the middle class in Pleasant Hill. I hope she won’t be too disappointed when she learns she is not with the upper crust. neighborhood of Lafayette which is across the street.

…I have no doubt we are a match. I just want to keep her healthy and happy… Thanks, Carolyn for rescuing her for me. You went above and beyond your duty and Gracie has a home now…thanks to you…


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