Shop, Donate and Shop Some More

Gus shoppingFor all of us who do our shopping online for the Holiday’s and through out the rest of the year. There is a new way to help SCCR while you shop.  It doesn’t cost you a dime and it brings in hundreds of dollars tp help rescue more cockers.

All you  have to do is download the Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Inc  Browser Button (this takes less than a minute), then every participating online store you visit will automatically send a percentage of your purchase (depending on the store, usually between 1% and 3%) directly to SCCR every quarter. Yep, it is that easy. You can stop right here of you want and you will still raise money for SCCR every time you shop! We have a 2-minute video that shows how easy it is to download and install the SCCR button.

Or visit our Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Inc Shopping Network site (iPad Users this is your method to shop until the iPad button is released )

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