Chloe Is A Pretty Special Girl

20130826_180357Chloe is one of our special foster girls. She is blind and a senior but sweet as they get and a gentle little soul. When she got a mysterious lump on her ear we got a little worried and whisked her off to our vet. It was cancer but they thought they could remove it so we scheduled the surgery as soon as possible. They were afraid they would have to remove the ear completely. Can you imagine an earless cocker? We were very happy when we got word the day of the surgery they we able to remove the tumor and save the ear.

She looked like a seal with her bandages on. Fortunately she only had to wear it for few days as her ear is healing up fast.  She will be looking for a sanctuary home when she is healed up. We will pay for her medical expenses if you provide the love. Can you help?


Donations towards Chloe’s surgery

2 Comments on “Chloe Is A Pretty Special Girl

    • She is still available And we would love to talk to you about adopting her. She is a doll. You can fill out an application or give us a call at 805-687-4674 for more information.

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