Update on Phoebe


Phoebe continues to amaze her foster mom with her spunk and love.   She is doing very well with her skin getting better and better each day.  She loves to be with the other dogs and part of the “pack”.  She is always looking for a tennis ball or other toy to play with.  She has also discovered the view of the front yard from the sofa and has found her voice to bark at anyone walking by or bark at the cats 🙂

Her skin is not red and inflamed any more. It is a nice healthy pink. Now all she needs is some hair! You can see her cherry eyes now. That surgery will have to wait until she is 100% better.

Donate towards Phoebe’s medical bills

One Comment on “Update on Phoebe

  1. It’s amazing how love and care can transform a dog. Kudos to 2nd Chance and everyone involved w/ phoebe’s recovery. She looks so much better now! This dog has been blessed finding 2nd chance!

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