Help Reggie Play Fetch Again!

Reggie lives to play fetch with his tennis ball. It is a passion with him almost as important as cuddling and loving his people. Reggie is only 3 years old and he deserves to play fetch and have a normal life for many more years to come. The problem is, Reggie is already blind in one eye and quickly losing the sight in the other, so he is already having difficulty playing fetch.  You can see the sadness in his face when you throw the ball and he can’t find it. He needs cataract surgery on both eyes so that he can regain his vision and be happy, cheerful, ball playing boy he used to  be!  If  you would like to help us give Reggie his sight back you can make a donation that will go straight to his medical bills.

Help Reggie Play Fetch Again!

Well, Reggie had his cataract surgery on Tuesday, September 13.  His right eye has a detached retina, so he will not regain his sight in that eye.  But, he did have surgery on his left eye and is already seeing much better!  He has a several month recuperation period with many visits to Dr. Linton’s office, the eye specialist, and lots of eye drops!
We can’t thank you enough for your donations, support and well wishes for our boy Reggie.  He is quite a little guy, and he is fortunate to have so many of you on his side!
Nov 1 update: Reggie got adopted! Bill and his wife, Marcy,  have been fostering Reggie through his surgery and now they have made him a permanent member of the family. Yeah Reggie! We could not be happier.

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