Bed & Biscuit Sponsorship

Boy with cataractThe Bed & Biscuit is a comfy home for ten Second Chance senior Cocker Spaniels. It’s heated in the winter and runs cool fans in the summer. There is a huge run that spans the entire width of the property with trees, toys and comfy sofa’s for napping on. We are painting the inside with murals so it looks like a living room.

If you chose to become a Bed & Biscuit Club member and donate $125 or more per month, you will be invited to our yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed & Biscuit.
Bed and Biscuit Club monthly donation membership comes with some great incentives. Please consider joining to help us to take the best possible care of Honey and her friends.

Honey2“Hi, Honey here. Two weeks ago, I was left at the shelter by my family. They said I was getting old and needed too much care. I am only 12, for heaven’s sake! The next thing I know, I am on cold concrete surrounded by a lot of barking dogs. Everyone at the shelter said I was too old and no one would want me.

    I had just about given up when Meg from SCCR showed up and told me this was my lucky day. SCCR had decided to expand their Sanctuary Program, and I was the first Cocker invited to live in the new Bed and Biscuit Annex in Romoland, California.

               071e0f0e-77ad-4cf0-a4db-9c992fab27e9 I didn’t know what a Bed and Biscuit was but wow, it’s great! It’s almost like being at home. There are comfy couches to nap on, dog beds all over the floor, a huge play area with trees and other oldsters like me to hang out with all day. Best of all, Momma Carolyn comes out to give me lots of love every day. They said I am available for a Sanctuary home, but I can stay here forever if I don’t get one. No more shelters for me ever. That’s me sticking my tongue out at shelters!

I was so grateful for this opportunity; I asked if I could be the Bed and Biscuit spokes-dog. And here I am; safe, happy and I have a great new job!

                                                                                          ~Love, Honey

PS: I like to eat twice a day, so don’t skimp on those donations!”

Thanks, Honey, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  The only thing we need now is your assistance to help fund this project. You can help by signing up as a monthly donor of the Bed and Biscuit Club or just send us a check!

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