SCCR Meet-Ups

We have decided to try something a bit different up north this year. We are going to schedule two SCCR Cocker Meet Ups, where we pick a date and a fun dog friendly park up in Northern CA and invite you all to join us with your cockers for a few hours of cocker play time and a picnic lunch.

The first Meet Up will be in Sept 16th 2017 at the dog leashfree beach, Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay. We will meet up at noon. Bring a picnic lunch, your swim suit and a beach chair. Please RSVP to if you can come.

We are looking at the East Bay at the dog friendly, absolutely beautiful, Lafayette Reservoir for our 2018 spring Meet-Up March 31st…Save the Date! We will send out the details in our Spring newsletters.

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