No More Wobbling Or Tipping Over

HarrySCCR1Harry came from a really bad section of LA. We don’t know the details but he was in bad shape when we got him. His legs were so weak he could not stand up by himself. He was emaciated and had big patches of fur missing. We think he was crated for a long time in a crate that was too small for him to stand up in. When we go him his muscles had atrophied and he had developed arthritis in his back legs.

We put Harry on a joint and muscle supplement and slowly started exercising him until he could stand and walk but he was so wobbly he would tip right over. We kept up the physical therapy and now, several months later he has muscle tone and can walk normally. He is still on an anti-inflammatory twice a day for the arthritis but he feels great.

HarrySCCR2You would think his experience would effect him and the way he looks at the world but not this boy. He is a sweet gentle soul. He loves to meet and greet people and play fetch. Harry is about 8 years old and is ready for adoption. If you are interested in meeting him you can fill out an application on our website.

Donations for Harry’s medical costs

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