2018 Calendar Contest

L42A0297SCCR alum, Lulu is so excited to tell you about our 2018 calendar contest. Lulu is dreaming about being featured in the calendar. She’s really hoping her cuteness will get her lots of donations. You don’t need to be an alum of SCCR, just a Cocker Spaniel. This year our mission is to save lives….the more money we raise the more lives we save. It is pretty darn rewarding….want to help?

Baxter update photos 3Create a fundraising page and tell friends and family through email and social media to vote for your superstar canines by donating millions of  dollars. The top 12 fundraisers will win a coveted featured spot on one of the calendar months. The remaining dogs who have raised $40 or more will be included in the calendar.

You don’t Zoey and Portiahave to enter the contest to get your dog’s picture in the calendar. For a $40 donation for each picture we will make your love muffin a star in the calendar.  Just send us a $40 donation and email us your picture to be printed in the calendar. (all pictures must be a min of 200 dpi*)

Contest Directions

To Donate for a Specific Dog…..click on Donate
Donations can also be made by check to SCCR, 1168 Palomino Rd, Santa Barbara, CA. Just make sure you tell us what dog you are voting for.

To set up a Fundraiser for your dog.
How To Get Started…..Click on Set UP Fundraiser
-make a title like “Vote For Lulu”,
2-add your goal ex. $500,
3-write a description on why we should vote for Lulu….hit SUBMIT…..
4-select the photo of Lulu you want in the calendar…hit SAVE….,(all pictures must be a min 200 dpi*)
5-sign up with your email,
6-go live and share on F B, Twitter and email…ask all your friends and family to vote with their pocketbook for your “Lulu”
7-send your high resolution .jpg photo to e.schmitz4337@gmail.com.Zoey and Harley

The best part is %100 of the donations go save Cocker Spaniels in need.

The contest runs Oct 1st – Oct 31st.
Calendars will go on sale Nov 1st
And be ready to ship Dec 1st

Contact us at elizabeth.mazzetti@cox.net if you have any questions.
*PS: Debra has written a quick “how to” to take great dog pictures. It will be available on Aug 7th on the website. All pictures must be able to print at min. of 200 dpi resolution for a 4″x 5″ photo. Only send photo’s in a .JPG file format. Photos that have been texted or pulled off of Facebook will not have enough resolution to print. If you take a photo using your cell phone then email directly to us at elizabeth.mazzetti@cox.net.


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