2021 Calendar

2021 Second Chance Cocker Rescue Calendars

Accepting Pictures until Oct 15th

We are starting to work on the 2021 calendars. This year we decided to publish two calendars. The first showcasing our SCCR Cockers. We will be offering spots on the calendar for a small donation. Send pictures to Liz Schmitz at e.schmitz.sccr@gmail.com.  The files must be 200 dpi resolution (examples: files sizes 10k are too small, 1mb or larger is great)
The Calendars will be ready to
pre-order November 1st.

$15 donation per small spot
$50 donation per larger feature spot (24 available)

Send as many pictures as you like. Make your baby a star!

These directions below are also on our Face Book page:

1.Click on the donate now button and make a donation in the amount of the photo spot you would like to purchase.
2.The first 24 people to claim and donate for the feature spots will be the winners of those spots.
3. Send your best high resolution photo of your dog to

Please note: The month of May is going to be set aside to honor our dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. If you would like to feature a dog that has passed please note that you would like to purchase a spot in May.
Contact us at e.schmitz.sccr@gmail.com if you have any questions.



The second Calendar will be slightly different. It will be showcasing amazing Cocker Spaniel photographs. We would like to put out a Open Call to all photographers to send in their best Cocker photos to be considered for this calendar. We are looking for pictures that will amaze and astound. Pictures we will want to frame and hang on our walls.

We will pick 13 photos to be showcased, 12 months and a cover. Send your submissions to elizabeth.mazzetti@gmail.com. The files must be 300 dpi resolution. You can submit as many photos as you like. We ask your permission to use the photo’s for other marketing projects as well.

The Calendars will be ready to pre-order November 1st.



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