Giving Thanks and a B&B for Seniors

Today is Thanksgiving, and we at Second Chance Cocker Rescue, have a lot for which to be thankful. To date this year, we have rescued over 1,000 dogs and we have some doggone great things planned to expand our Sanctuary Program.  We are especially proud of our Sanctuary program and the ONE BIG THING we need to change is HOW MANY dogs we can help.

Honey3 cropHere to introduce the opening of the new Bed and Biscuit area for our seniors, is our newest senior, Honey.
“Hi, Honey here. Two weeks ago, I was left at the shelter by my family. They said I was getting old and need too much care. I am only 12, for heavens sake! The next thing I know, I am on cold concrete surrounded by a lot of barking dogs. Everyone at the shelter said I was too old and no one would want me. I had just about given up when Meg from SCCR showed up and told me this was my lucky day! SCCR had decided to expand their Sanctuary  Program, and I was the first Cocker invited to live in the new Bed and Biscuit Annex in Romoland, California.
Bed & BiscuitI didn’t know what a Bed and Biscuit was but wow, it’s great! It’s almost like being at home. There are comfy couches to sit on, dog beds all over the floor, a huge play area with trees and soon there will be other oldsters like me to hang out with all day. Best of all, Carolyn comes out to give me lots of love. I will have 9 more roommates soon. I can’t wait! They said I am available for a Sanctuary home, but I can stay here forever if I don’t get one. No more shelter for me, ever!
I was so grateful for this opportunity, I asked if I could be the Bed and Biscuit spokes-dog. And here I am; safe, happy and I have a great new job!
The only thing we need now, is your assistance to help fund this project. You can help by signing up as a monthly donor of the Bed and Biscuit Club or just send us a check!”
Love, Honey
PS: I like to eat twice a day, so don’t skimp on those donations!”
Thanks, Honey. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our goal is to open our new facility in January, 2016. To help make this happen, we are setting up the Bed and Biscuit Club monthly donation membership with some great incentives, including invitations to a Spring Bed and Biscuit Club Afternoon Tea and a B&B Club Fall Party. Please consider joining and help us to take the best possible care of Honey and her friends.

Guardian circle – $200 a month and up

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts, a yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed and Biscuit, free tickets for 2 to all SCCR events including Cocker Picnics, WAGS and Holiday Boutique events.

Service Dog circle – $100-199 a month

Each donor will receive:  Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts and one $50 gift. Also, a yearly behind the scenes tour of the Bed and Biscuit.

Support Dog circle – $75-99 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, two $25 gifts and one $50 gift.

Defender of the Pack circle – $50-74 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar, Bed and Biscuit newsletters, and one $25 gift.

Keeper of the Pack circle- $25-49 a month

Each donor will receive: Bed and Biscuit calendar and Bed and Biscuit newsletters.

$50 gifts: Two tickets to any SCCR event including the picnics, WAGS or the Holiday Boutique.

$25 gifts: Mouse pad, note cards, mug, all with the B&B logo

Our Bed and Biscuit link is still under construction. In the meantime, please use this Paypal link and in the “add special instructions to the seller” area please let us know where you would like your money to go.
We are determined to rescue even more seniors from the shelters this coming year. We have several more ideas to expand our Sanctuary program that we will be rolling out soon.  Stick around and help us save even more lives!
Thank you for your continued support!

Champagne, Tea and lots of Goodies!

DSCF8769Hi! It’s me, Lulu. I got all dolled up and took out my tea cup to tell you about an exciting event Second Chance Cocker Rescue is hosting Sunday, December 13.

From 12 to 2 at the Daniel Gehrs Winery in Los Olivos, California, we will be serving champagne, tea and scones. I’m going to try to get me a few of those scones! Dee-lish!

We will be selling a wide variety of amazing items for you or as holiday gifts. And guess what, it is all going to Second Chance Cocker Rescue to help even MORE dogs like me!

Here’s my brother Comet. Comet is getting ready to celebrate Hanukkah.DSCF8807

Tickets for the event are $25. There will be something for everyone, AND, if you have any items you would like to donate, please contact Elizabeth, and she will make that happen.

Click here for more information.

Thank you and we hope to see you all there!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

imageAll of our adopters, foster families, volunteers, board members, donors, friends and family would like to wish Elizabeth Mazzetti a very happy birthday!

Elizabeth founded Second Chance Cocker Rescue in 2003. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs, all over California and beyond. Elizabeth also created the Sanctuary Program, where SCCR takes care of senior dogs in foster/forever homes, covering all medical expenses for the rest of that lucky dog’s life.

JennaPlease help to continue the amazing work that Elizabeth and our other tireless volunteers do on a daily basis.

For every time that a rescue dog has made you smile or laugh or even cry, your donations have helped to save the lives of other loving dogs.

It takes special people to do special work. For people like Elizabeth, it’s a calling. Saving lives, one dog at a time, bringing frequently overdue joy to their lives and endless satisfaction to our own.

Gilly-4Please take a minute and help out.

Donate in celebration of Elizabeth and all she does for rescue. The dogs you help save, will bring happiness to countless people, and will give Elizabeth the best present she could have asked for.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth….a donation

Not Just a Number to us

Inland Empire dog1A1242444…That’s what they call me. How can that be? I used to belong to a family. I used to have a home. Now I am sitting on this cement floor, shivering, wondering what the heck I did wrong?

The other day, someone came into my kennel who I heard is a rescuer. I hope it’s good news for me.

Inland Empire dog2PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get me out of here. I promise I will be the best dog you could ever imagine. I can’t wait to snuggle on a sofa, take walks, go for car rides and lots of other fun things, with my new forever family.

We heard you, “A1242444.” Second Chance Cocker Rescue is coming to your rescue and we are going to call you Tina.

Tina is the fourth sick dog we have committed to in the last week and we can’t afford another without your help. Please help us keep our promise to TinaWe couldn’t do it without you!

We will keep everyone posted on her freedom ride this Tuesday, and when Tina is available for adoption! We would also like to thank the Inland Valley Humane Society for reaching out to us to rescue this girl and for being so easy to work with.

A Beautiful Flower Named Daisy May

Daisy May

Meet Daisy May. This 7 (to 8) year old beauty was rescued two weeks ago from a shelter in Modesto, CA. A huge thanks goes out to the volunteers at the Modesto shelter who helped us pull and transport Daisy May and also Garth and Missy.

Daisy May came to us with a lot of matted fur, infections in her ears and terrible teeth. We got her shaved, her ears medicated and she is feeling a lot better. Just look at her smile and beautiful red merle coloring!

Daisy May’s front and back legs are unique. Her front legs look like she walks on her ankles. Her back legs look like they were once fused together then separated. The vet thinks this is a condition she was born with but it doesn’t appear to be slowing her down in any way!

Daisy May - happy girlIn the two weeks she has been part of the SCCR family, we have found Daisy May to be sweet to people, other dogs, loves to cuddle and always has a doggie smile.

We are hoping to do dental work on her soon, and she is very eager to find her forever home. Could you be the one?

Thank you so much for your support for this sweet girl!

A promise to Promise

We rescued Promise in 2004. She was covered with mange and her skin was cracked and bleeding all over. We worked promise at the shelterwith three other rescues to pull her from a shelter in Southern California, finding a foster in Northern California and transporting her up there. We were so grateful for everyone’s assistance.

Terry adopted Promise on Mother’s Day for her mom, who passed away Promise with momjust a few short months later. Promise got Terry through some pretty tough times; losing her mom, a divorce and moving to a new residence. Through all the trying times and happy ones too, Promise was her best friend and confidante. Every year Terry sent out a “Promise” newsletter to everyone involved with her rescue. We so appreciated the updates, and adorable pictures of sweet Promise.

Terry and Promise had an amazing bond for 11 years. This month, Terry had to say good bye Promise with Goldento Promise after several months of illness. We all know how hard it is to lose our best friend, but we know Terry loved and cherished Promise every second she had her. Second Chance Cocker Rescue could not have found a better mom for Promise and we are so glad to have been a part of her life too.

Rescue does not stop at pulling a dog from the shelter. It means a lifetime commitment to each and every dog. Finding good homes filled with love.

We are committed to our work and our dogs. We are so grateful to have your support so we can keep doing what we do best.

Promise with rosesIn Terry’s last newsletter she said, “I loved that little girl with all my heart and she will be with me forever.”

Please help us save more lives by making an donation in memory of Promise.

Why I Foster With Second Chance Cocker Rescue


Bode and Tbone

I made a promise to my dog, Freckles, a few weeks before he passed, that I would return the favor and provide a foster home for other Cocker Spaniels in need. He had spent over 9 months in a foster home before he found his way to my home, his forever home.

I followed several Cocker Spaniel rescue groups for months and eventually reached out to Elizabeth Mazzetti at Second Chance Cocker Rescue (SCCR). I was impressed by the variety of dogs and the successful placement rates.  When I met Elizabeth, I learned more about her experience and her philosophy on dog rescue. I let her know the type of home I could offer to a foster dog and some of my limitations.



Since meeting Elizabeth, I have fostered several dogs for SCCR. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience. The number one comment I hear from people is, “I couldn’t be a foster because I would be too attached and it would be too hard to let them go.”  I had the same concern. It can be difficult, even heartbreaking, to let go of a dog that you have nursed back to health only to trust its life to a stranger. And yet, with each foster dog that finds a loving, adoptive home, I am learning and growing in my compassion towards all beings.

Initially, I got into dog rescue to help the dogs, as there are thousands of dogs who need homes. Now, I am beginning to see the joy these dogs bring to their adoptive people. We aren’t just saving the dogs’ lives we are improving people’s lives. For the older gentleman who just lost his beloved companion of many years, this foster dog will step right up and lovingly fill a void in his heart. For the woman who is an “empty nester” approaching retirement, this foster dog will be grateful for the care and attention and return the love tenfold. These dogs have so much love to give. It just seems right to put them in places where they can love and be loved.

Being a foster home allows me to be a champion for the dogs. They didn’t get to pick their prior homes, but with me they get an advocate. Someone who is willing to get to know them and what they need to be happy. With that perspective, I can help match the people with the dog. I often visualize the perfect home for my foster dogs. It helps me to know what to look for when speaking to potential adopters. Bringing together a perfect match makes for a successful adoption and a happy ending.



To be a successful foster home, it is important to feel that you have the support of a larger community. I have always felt that Elizabeth Mazzetti and the community that is SCCR would be there for me if I needed help. Elizabeth has tremendous experience with dogs and people. She cares deeply and yet is grounded enough to take on dogs that can be helped and not to take on so many that the viability of the organization is jeopardized. Fostering dogs isn’t always easy and it isn’t for everyone, but I have always felt supported by SCCR.

Is it tough to say goodbye to the dogs? You bet! But working with the dogs I have learned how rewarding it is to have an impact in the lives of these dogs and their new owners and to be part of something larger. Help us spread the love. Often, the thing these dogs need the most is to be part of a family and to feel loved. That will help set them on the path towards adoption.

If you can’t foster, can you donate?  Thank you!

  • Written by Karen Losee, foster mom and SCCR volunteer

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