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Gus shoppingWe have signed up with four shopping networks where you shop, we get money and it is free.   It really works and we love it! Three of them offer the option to download an app to your browsers to automatically track your purchases and put money in our account each time you shop but only one gives 100% of the money collected to the charities. We have rated them below with the pros and cons. You can chose which one works best for you and we can save more dogs.  –This website allows you to track how much SCCR has raised and how much you have raised for us right on the front of their website. They pay out once a year and have the most stores to offer. We have used them for years and can’t say enough about them. –We just signed up with this oneand we are anxious to see how they do. They do allow you to look up all the groups who they  have sent checks to and how much they got. Their minimum check is $25. Funds carry over until the minimum is met then checks are sent monthly, 75 days in arrears.  It makes it easy for us to track.

Copy of DSC_0058Smile.Amazon.comAmazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you use now just to through for your purchases on Many but not all purchases are eligible, they are marked so you will see what is. Your account and shopping experience will be exactly the same, but we will get a check too. They make their payments to the charities quarterly with a 45 day arrears. We don’t see a way for you or us to track our donations. The biggest difference is that 100% of the money goes to the charities. The other companies keep a percentage.  This is a new program from Amazon and we are anxious to see how it works. –EasyCause has almost as  many stores as the top two but their payment policy is not transparent to either you or us. They also change payment policies without notice. The latest scoop is that we have to earn $1,000 before a  check is sent out and they send them out every six months.  That said we will still earn while you shop so no complaint about that.

Pick one and Shop, Shop,Shop till you Drop, Drop, Drop—and help us rescue more cocker spaniels!


???????????????????????????????Sadie was at the Sacramento SPCA. They asked us to see if we would be able to pull her as her allergies were making it hard for them to find her an adopter. We already had four other Cockers that were having severe allergy problems this year so we said what’s one more? Bring her on!

This year is so bad we have even had to resort to steroids for some of our babies who are at the mercy of the pollens this year.  Sadie is allergic to everything. even the oatmeal shampoo we used to try soothe her skin! She had gotten a secondary bacterial infection on her skin from all the scratching and biting. The antibiotics gave her a yeast infection and that itched even more.  What was a girl to do?

???????????????????????????????We had heard rumors about a new allergy medication called “Apoquel” that was supposed to be revolutionary but we were having trouble getting our hands on any. It was on back order the minute it hit the vets. Sadie’s foster mom managed to talk her vet into enough for a couple of weeks and Eureka! it worked like magic on Sadie. Her foster mom says “She is like a different dog.  She’s playful and happy.  She’s getting into everything – and has become a real character!”

Sadie is about 3 years old and super sweet. A bit shy she will quickly turn into a love bug.

It’s a girl, and a boy and a girl and …

We had our eye on Eve sitting in the Moreno Valley shelter but we were pretty full. The shelter contacted us. They had shaved down Eve and found out she was eminently pregnant. They needed a rescue to take her immediately. Carolyn from Romoland stepped up and offered tEve and babieso whelp her. We could see that poor Eve was still lactating from her last litter. Talk about not giving a girl a break. We settled her in and on Tuesday evening at 9pm Eve had five bouncing baby girls and boys.

This is what Carolyn said  ” Oh my….2 boys and 3 girls!  Beautiful babies, color is fabulous as you can see in the picture…..3 whiter ones and 2 buff/champagne colored ones.  One is a total runt, and I mean runt…..tiny and skinny.  The runt is a boy.  They have nice big ears, so I’m hoping will look like cockers!!

But, all are squirming, squeeking and nursing…..Eve is a great mom.  She had them about 9:00 last night, no muss no fuss.”
We are proud of you Eve and promise cross our hearts this is the last litter you will have to have!

Save The Dates!

IMG_5665--getting donations for SCCRPut these dates on your Calendars for the Second Chance Cocker Reunion Picnic…SCCR adopters, donors and volunteers are all invited!

June 21th — Lake Chabot Park in Castro Valley, CA
Jul 19th — Rincon Beach Park in Santa Barbara, CA

We will be emailing out the invitations in May with all the details.

No, Thank You, Jane!

We had a hard week working with some especially difficult shelters when we received this email from Jane, the rescue coordinator at the Camarillo shelter. It reminded us that there are some great shelters out there and how much we appreciate them.  Camarillo is at the top of that list and Jane is a big reason why. Here is what she had to say and it really brightened up our day:

“Long overdue, my friends, but recent visits from Lesley Bloomer and Karen Perkins reminded me once again how very fortunate we at are VCAS to have the support and camaraderie of ALL of you in the Santa Barbara rescue network and I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again..

In meeting and interacting with each of you, you’ve often heard me say that your S.B. network “makes me want to move to Santa Barbara” because you supported and inspired me during some very rocky times in past years and helped VCAS on its journey toward a higher live release rate.   Through some periods when other rescues were at odds with us, you never lost sight of the fact that there were animals here that needed help and you were always such a pleasure to work with.  That support was invaluable.

Thank you, Lesley, for transporting for your network and for stepping up for the herding breeds (and others!) and working with those that have behavioral issues in need of healing.  Elizabeth never says no to a Cocker — always shows up with some humor and a light heart and makes all of us smile!  Janelle dropped into my life like an angel from the blue and became the “godmother” of our joint pony express transports to Sunny Sky’s in WA (funded by K-9 Pals).  She is incredibly nurturing & responsible and an A-1 transporter.  She wrote the book on the “spa stopover transport system” — providing relaxing evenings out of the crates!  We would not have built the relationship with Sunny Sky’s that we have today without her!   Annabelle is my fluffy-dog go-to gal.  She also likes Jack Russells and some of the scrappier breeds — just like me!  The folks at D.A.W.G. have always inspired me!  Thank you all for extending your kindness to some of our dogs here in Ventura County as well — with your fosters and, most recently, including five of our little guys n’ gals on the great RV caravan transport to shelters in the Western states.  Karen, thank you for standing by for the Frenchies and for also transporting for your network.  I feel honored to have become part of “Jellie’s world”!
Please extend my appreciation to others in your organizations and network whose names I may not know.  You are ALL so instrumental in helping us make a difference!

All the best,  Jane”

We want to acknowledge our top CA shelters Camarillo, all three Sacramento shelters, the Bakersfield City shelter, Riveside, Pasadena Humane Society, the Santa Paula shelter SPARC .  You are  what all the rest should strive to be!

Lance The Greeter of the Park

I thought you would like to see this photo of Lance (formerly Grayson) who Tom and I adopted in November of 2012 from the foster home in Hemet.  He is a wonderful dog and is doing very well with us (in this photo he has just had his summer trim, since it is getting hot in the desert where we are spending the winter — usually he has a bit more hair than this).  We live in an Over 55 residential area here, where there are many rescue dogs who all play together at the dog park.  When we first started taking Lance there he was very shy, nervous around new people (especially men) and didn’t know how to play.  But now he is one of the friendliest dogs there, always goes up to greet new arrivals (both people and dogs) and is much admired by the other owners.  He even runs around with the dogs some of the time, but he always comes back to check in with Tom and me (we were both shy kids when we were young, and we figure he takes after us and needs some reassurance).  One of the women who goes to the dog park is writing a book of stories about rescue dogs and she interviewed us about Lance the other day.  When the book is published, I will send you a copy.
Also, I am going to put a contribution into the mail for the Second Chance program… Tom and I greatly admire and appreciate what you do for so many dogs.  I will make this contribution in memory of my previous dog from you, Molly, and we will do another one at the end of this year to honor Lance.
All the best to you,


20140305_165823Zane was abandoned in his back yard when his family moved and left a note that said they couldn’t deal with him and please find him a home. The landlord keep him fed and safe until he found us and we agreed to help at once. We went over to meet Zane and he was standing on the porch growling. We brought some chicken breasts and fed him until he was eating out of our hand but he still would not let us put a leash on him. We came back the next morning and tried again with no luck. We called in reinforcements and showed up that afternoon with our trainer, Andrea, a large crate and some exercise pens. We surrounded him and the crate with exercise pens and loaded the crate with more chicken. Once he relaxed we started making the pen smaller and smaller until he popped himself into the crate.  Just like that, he was caught and we didn’t have to manhandle him to do it.
20140307_131624Once we let him out of the crate at home Zane took a few hours and then decided we were his saviors. He was filthy and stinky but we waited two days before we were comfortable trying to clip and bathe him.  We clipped him until the clippers gave out. His coat is so matted and dirty they couldn’t finish the job.  He looked a lot like a walrus.
20140310_132827We gave him a bath and made an appointment for a grooming with our favorite groomer,  Anja, and the vet for the following day. We will make sure his new life is full of love and nothing but the best of care. 
20140310_144748Donation to Help Rescue Zane

She is a Peach of a Girl

PeachPeach is only 9 weeks old and has a neurological problem that makes it hard for her to walk without falling a lot. She spills her food and water when she eats and can’t be left along in a crate or she bangs her head on the cage when she falls. She is absolutely adorable and we think we can help. We have a foster mom who specializes in neurological problems. She will train her muscles to hold her up and give her physical therapy to strengthen them. We can’t wait to see how she turns out, can you?

Donations for Peach’s rehabilitation

Sophie Wasn’t Feeling Very Well

Sophie 1Sophia was sitting in the Mission Viejo shelter when she caught the eye of one of our foster moms, Julie. She called us and asked if we would consider pulling her. She offered to foster her and pay for her initial medical exam. Sophia had a huge hernia and several mammary tumors. We decided we couldn’t say no so Julie took home the next day and zipped her to the vet where we found out that she was diabetic and needed to be hospitalized immediately and we took over her medical bills from here.

Sophie 2Sophia got her blood sugar stabilized and is now feeling fit as a fiddle! She has more energy and there is a sparkle in her eye that was not there before.She will have her surgery to repair the hernia and remove the tumors this week.

Sophia is about 5-6 yrs old, great with kids and other dogs. She is a gentle little soul and very very happy to be snuggled into her foster home with such a wonderful family to take care of her. Thank you Kelly family! Sophia will be ready to be adopted very soon so if you want to get on her wait list contact us asap!

Donations for Sophia’s medical bills.

H.A.L.O. The Best Valentines Day Gift You Can Give Your Cocker

H.A.L.O. Cocker Spaniel Registry

Helping And Loving Our Cocker Spaniels 


Molly, our HALO Valentine

Do you  know how many dogs’s owners pass away without providing for them?  We know they all want to but their choices are so limited. We are excited to be able to offer Cocker Spaniel owners a new, better option. We are launching our H.A.L.O. Cocker Spaniel Registry program today!  H.A.L.O. stands for Helping And Loving Our Cocker Spaniels and we know you all love your babies.             

Molly, our HALO Valentine


   H.A.L.O. is a service offered through Second Chance Cocker Rescue to all Cocker Spaniel owners. For a set fee Second Chance will be your Cocker Spaniel’s safety net when you are gone. If you sign up for our H.A.L.O. registry we will commit to take in your Cocker Spaniel when you pass away if no family members are available to take the dog. These dogs will be treated as rescue dogs and either adopted into new families or placed in our Sanctuary program where they will be loved and cared for the rest of their lives.

We know how much you love your dogs, now it is time to show them by signing your Cocker Spaniel up for H.A.L.O. today and give them the best Valentines gift ever.


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