She Emerged Like A Butterfly

Zooey beforeZooey was sitting in the Orange County shelter. She was a sight to behold. Big patches of hair missing, a huge cherry eye, terrible skin and butter ball fat. We were not surprised that no one seemed interested in adopting her. She looked awful. But after so many years of doing cocker rescue we could see past all that and saw a miserable but adorable little girl.

ZooeyWe pulled her, shaved her down and whisked her off to the vet. She didn’t look much better, her skin was red and crusty, her bald patches were more obvious. Once we put her on the meds for a slow thyroid and antibiotics for the secondary skin infections she started to perk up in a couple of days. When she was ready we took her in for surgery on that eye.

Zooey (2)After a few weeks then a few more her hair grew in and she started to slim down a bit and a beautiful buff girl emerged like a butterfly. Now we had the girl we knew was under all that mess. Wow, what a knock out she is too.

Not long after she was healthy again we introduced her to Antonio, her new dad. They are a perfect match. He knows all about girls with sensitive skin and thyroid problems and will take nothing but the best of care of Zooey for the rest of her life.

Donations towards Zooey’s medical bills


Peaach’s Movie

Tomorrow is my birthday, yep, 29 again! My husband asked me what I wanted for a gift and I could not think of anything that would make me happier than making a donation in honor of Peaach. Peaach is very close to my heart and she makes me so happy every time I visit and she goes into hyper-spaz she is so excited to see me. Peaach is a fighter and a lover. She is what we strive to be in rescue, relentless and joyous in our work. We love you Peaach!

Join me in send in a donations for Peaach

~Elizabeth Mazzetti
Founder Second Chance Cocker Rescue

She Was A He!

HossWe got a surprise when we got 4 year old Angel home from the Bakersfield shelter. We knew she was horribly fat, and had a growth on her eye lid but we didn’t know she was a he! Now his name is Hoss and when we were grooming him we found a fish hook embeded in one of his paws. That had to have hurt! He also had a large bleeding mass on his backside. He went in to get it checked out and Dr Card said to get it off immediately so we did. Now he is on a diet and he will be a real beauty soon. We can’t wait to see his ” after ” pictures.

Lucy Mae Is A Sweetie Patootie!

Lucy Mae 3Lucy Mae came in kind of a mess. Her left eye had glaucoma and had been left untreated for way too long and her eye was huge. The biggest we had ever seen. She had two large masses that needed to be removed, ear infections, eye infections and all the usual neglected cocker stuff we see. Once we got her cleaned up and had that eye taken care of and those masses removed she looked a little like Frankenstein with stitches all over. But it wasn’t too long before the stitches were out and the hair growing back when she turned into a pretty cute little girl. And that personality? Well, we have to tell you, Lucy Mae is a sweetie patootie! They don’t come any better than this. Lucy Mae is now ready to be adopted and is anxiously awaiting a new family.


Donations towards Lucy Mae’s surgery

A Good Rescue Day


Camille from Camarillo Shelter

Monday we had one rescue planned. A sweet older girl named Camille was at the Camarillo shelter. She wasn’t in very good shape and she was a senior so the shelter called us for help and. of course. we said yes. Then we get an emergency call from another rescuer about a second senior boy named Dexter, blind, old and glaucoma in both eyes. Bring him on we said. Finally that afternoon we get a text from a net-worker about a young healthy boy at the Orange County shelter that was rescue only for suspected behavior problems. The word was he was on the PTS list and his time limited. We figured since we are already picking up the senior boy and girl let’s just have our transporters stop in Orange County on their way home. We went to bed that night feeling pretty good about saving three lives. This was a really good day in rescue.


Dexter from East Valley shelter

Then we woke up the next morning to a Facebook storm with us right in the middle of it. What the heck?  Turns out a group of networkers were ranting and raving about, Chance, the young boy we pulled from Orange County. They were demanding that we pull a terrier mix that was housed with him. From here the facts got a bit fuzzy but opinions flowed like rain, he was this, he was that, we did this, we did that.  We did a little fact finding mission and confirmed that the cocker was found as a stray. The terrier had a different release date meaning they did not come in together and they were kenneled together with a Yorkie . There was no indication that they were bonded or they even came from the same home. The Yorkie had already been pulled by another group earlier and being a Cocker rescue we took the cocker.  Chance was happy and content with no signs of being ripped apart from a busom buddy. Now we had a group of Facebook net-workers with no facts but tons of opinions demanding that we do exactly as they thought we should and condemning us because we hadn’t already. At 7:00 am in the morning? Seriously?


Chance from Orange County Shelter

Later that afternoon we got a call from a previous adopter who was having trouble with her one year old cocker that she had adopted from us. The cocker was starting to misbehave and they couldn’t figure out why. After discussing it and getting some of the background details we decided that it was likely the type of training that they were using on her. They had always used the traditional training where you discipline the dog when it misbehaves. Nothing severe, in fact not much more than a disapproving voice and shaking a finger at her but she was a very sensitive girl and we believed that even that was to much for her so we suggested switching to positive reinforcement training where you reward the good behavior and ignore or manage the bad behavior. It works like a dream on cockers.

After we got off the phone we had to laugh. Those net-workers on Facebook could learn a lot about working with cocker rescuers from positive reinforcement dog trainers. Try asking, try being polite but don’t shake your finger at us and tell us we are bad dogs. In fact we will take a page from our trainer and thank all those networkers for caring.


Donations towards surgery for Camille and Dexter

Our Pampered Chef Fundraiser

Katie 3Katie thinks that everyone should be cooking more, more dog treats that is. She wants to announce a new fundraiser we are doing with Pampered Chef. The fundraiser goes from now until Sept 15th.

-Everyone should have their orders direct shipped to them (because Katie is not doing it for you!).
-We get a % for every order you place.
-Everyone who orders will receive by email a receipt when the show is submitted.
-Checks will not be accepted on this show
-The sales tax is 8%
-There is a free Guest Special with a $65 purchase!

Katie, says shop, shop, shop then come on back and check out her listing. She is so ready for a family! Her foster mom agrees, she is the perfect girl.

Katie also wanted to share this recipe for SnickerPoodles, dog treats with you all. she says your dog will love these cookies but she would rather you mail them all to her! They are great because they are made with ingredients you already have in your pantry and anything you don’t have Pampered Chef will.


1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup agave (the original recipe called for honey, but I prefer agave)
2 eggs
3 ¾ cups white flour
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ cup cornmeal
2 teaspoons cinnamon


1. Mix vegetable oil, shortening, honey and eggs.
2. Beat well.
3. Add flour, soda and cream of tartar.
4. Knead dough until mixed well.
5. Shape dough by rounded teaspoons into balls.
6. Mix the cornmeal and cinnamon together in a bowl.
7. Roll balls in mixture.
8. Place 2 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet.
9. Press with a fork.
10. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 400F.

His Sweet Personality Never Wavered

A1498561-Harbor shelterWe got a call from a volunteer from the Harbor shelter telling us about a sweet boy named Dougal who had been hit by a car and was sitting in the shelter with a broken leg. She had managed to buy him two more days but was not having any luck finding anyone to take him. We took one look at that face and you know what we said.

All of our normal transporters were full up so we sent out a facebook plea and one of our supporters, Gwin came through for us. She drove down to the shelter the next day and took him to Carolyn’s. From there he was whisked off to the vet for a diagnosis. It was not good. The first xray showed that his front leg was broken in many places and he needed surgery. They were not sure at first if they could save the leg. But the real concern internal bleeding and shock. He needed a transfusion fast. Poor Dougal, he had been without medical care for days sitting in the shelter but his sweet personality had never wavered. 

Here is the log of his progress during all this: 

image8/14 update…Thank goodness for the wonderful staff at Menifee Animal Hospital! Dougal needs a transfusion to stabilize for surgery. That is happening now. Once he is stabilized he will have surgery on that leg. We have a surgeon on call for tomorrow in hopes he will be ready to go. Keep your fingers crossed, his bills are going to hit $2,000 at least but it looks like we can save him and maybe even the leg too.

8/15 update Dougal is resting comfortably. The surgeon decided we need to wait until Monday for his surgery. In the mean time Dougal is gaining strength, getting his blood count up and enjoying loads of love and attention.

8/16 Update: Dougal is doing so much better today the surgeon has moved his surgery forward to today at noon. We are waiting the results with baited breath. Send him good thoughts and we will let you know how it went later tonight.

8/16 pm update: Dougal’s surgey ended up being far more complicated than we originally thought.  His humorous ( the big bone at the top of the leg) was broken at the top, the bottom, in several pieces in between and worse it severed a nerve. But after a long 3 1/2 hour surgery, the surgeon is hopeful he will be walking on it soon. A huge thank you to the vet tech Erica, who brought her own dog in to give Dougal a transfusion today. A well as all the staff who still haven’t gone home yet. They are staying hours and hours late taking care of Dougal. Manifee Animal Hospital Rocks!

Dougal with cone8/18 update: Dougal gets to come back to Carolyn’s today. You should see his huge splint! We will get pics soon. He goes back in one month to get the splint off and three months to get the plate out of the leg. He should have 30% use of the leg in 30 days, 60% in 60 days then 100% in Dec….we are so happy. His surgeon, Dr Beeley rocks! His bills are now up to $2400 but worth every cent.

Donations to help pay for Dougal’s medical costs:


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